Amkette USB Rapid Car Charger Duo - White

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Amkette USB Rapid Car Charger Duo - White

About the product:

The Amkette USB Rapid Car Charger Duo, is a simple, compact and robust charger that will become an essential part of your car. It is compatible with today's most popular devices like mobiles, camera, PSP. Use it to charge 2 devices at the same time, and with Rapid Charging port use it to give a quick power boost to your Phone for those short drives, or to even charge those power hungry Tablets on the go. Since it uses a standard USB connection it is universally compatible by using the USB cable that is included with your device.

Key Features:

Dual Port: To charge your Mobile and Tablet at the same time.

Rapid Charge: Enables you to charge device at a faster speed.

Portable: Small enough to fit in your car dash-board along with your devices.

Micro USB Charging Cable Included.


USB Port: 2
Output Power: 10 WattsQuick charge : YES, Rapid Charge Port.Compatibility: Devices with USB charging support like mobiles, camera, PSP.